TiqTiq: Photo transfer app

iOS 8.2 +, Android 2.2+


TiqTiq is an 1-tap app that helps you send photos via email with incredible speed. It’s only a matter of selecting which photos you want sent out and tapping a button. You can save sending presets that email different addresses or automatically select photos by different criteria (i.e. photos taken in the last 24 hours).

TiqTiq can be used used for various purposes, from usual photo sharing with friends/family, to sending out business photos, posting to online portfolios or even storing backups (i.e. email photos to Flickr, Dropbox).

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Product Description

Here are some reasons why TiqTiq should be on your smartphone:

  • Fastest photo transfer app. Just open TiqTiq, select the photos you want sent out and tap a button. An email will be automatically sent to your family, friends, colleagues or whomever you want. It’s that easy and incredibly fast!
  • Transfer presets. You can create up to three custom presets (“tiqs”) to send emails that have different from/to addresses and photos selected by various criteria. Simply swipe TiqTiq’s screen to access & select a preset and tap to send them out.
  • Automatic selection options. There are various photo selection options so for instance you can define tiqs that send by email photos taken either recently (i.e. last 10 minutes, last hour) or in the past few days/weeks. Photos can be selected by their size too.
  • Multi-purpose. You can use TiqTiq to email personal photos to your family/friends, work photos to colleagues, your print shop or photographer and so on. The cool part is that you can even send your photos to Dropbox (via sendtodropbox), Flickr or Evernote.

Photos are as centric to smartphones as calls, and TiqTiq makes it dead-easy to share them by email.