Three Towers: The Puzzle Game

Android 4.0.3+


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Product Description

Three Towers is a puzzle game with over 1000 levels that will put your brain to work while balancing the fun side as well. The gameplay starts simple but gets very complex. You have 3 towers with colored and white blocks, and the goal is to tap and move the colored ones in their respective colors. All within a certain number of moves.

The game can be played offline but you can also challenge your Facebook friends to see who has better skills at solving challenging puzzles.

Main features:

  • Brain puzzling gameplay. In the style of the Tower of Hanoi, your goal is to put colored blocks in their place by tapping to move them from one tower to another. Complexity increases exponentially.
  • Thousands of levels. Three Towers has 1000+ playable levels, each increasingly more difficult than the previous. A certain number of moves are allowed for each level, and that’s challenging.
  • Replays & special items. Each level can be replayed until you’re happy with your solution. Furthermore, you can unlock Paint Buckets that help you paint blocks in certain colors.
  • Clean interface. Three Towers has a very simple material-design interface that lets you enjoy the gameplay without distractions. It also features smooth effects for a better visual experience.