Gunnar Daehling
Android 5+


TempoMaster is an offline GPS speedometer that displays in realtime your current car speed and the maximum allowed speed for that zone. Many navigational apps don’t have speedometers included (i.e. Google Maps), thus TempoMaster is an excellent addition that helps you respect the law and avoid any radar fees.

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Product Description

It integrates perfectly with other navigational maps as it can be shown overlayed on top of other apps. The realtime data is provided by OpenStreetMap and you can also make direct edits to the map info from TempoMaster. Can be used offline and even via Bluetooth. You can see a glimpse of its features in this quick presentation:

Main features:

  • GPS Speedometer. TempoMaster is the most fully featured GPS speedometer app that can be used to display the allowed speed vs the current one.
  • Multiple displays. The app can start overlayed on other navigational apps, thus showing you the realtime allowed speed and giving warnings when exceeding it. See it in full screen, customize its looks and lots of other display settings.
  • Find parking spot. Forgot your parking spot? With TempoMaster that never happens, as it will record the location when exiting and shows it when starting. You can even have it send an SMS with its location.
  • Updated OSM data. It uses the OpenStreetMap data which ensures you having the most up to date speed information. Also shows fixed radar positions and warnings to keep you safe from fees.
  • Audio support. It has audio support to notify you when the speed is exceeded and other options. You can also start the mic to record edits for the GPX file and export that.