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Product Description

Ready for a good’ol Arcade blast from the past? Remember the retro-Arcade platformer games where you had to play the same level over and over because at a point you just couldn’t advance? Those games infused a combination of frustration and addiction that hooked you to play into perfection. This is exactly the feeling you’ll get with TapVenture, a hardcore 2D platformer Arcade game with a frustratingly-addictive gameplay.

The goal is to help your character escape various rooms and reach the treasure with the fewest taps possible. Escape from one room to another and embark on a thrilling Arcade adventure as you play epic levels, one more difficult than the other. Use your wits to beat the levels and keep trying until you get it right.

Main Features:

  • Hardcore platformer gameplay. In each level you must find and go to the exit door while avoiding all sorts of deadly contraptions (i.e. lasers, spikes, moving obstacles). Use your wit to advance as you’ll need to calculate when and how to jump over to the next point.
  • Simple gameplay. The gameplay is simple, just tap to do an action. Each tap makes your character do a different action based on the map he’s in, from jumping, flying, running, slinging and so on.
  • Pixel-perfect visual style. Enjoy a thrilling visual style with pixel-perfect design and a retro-Arcade touch. TapVenture will surely bring out the child in you, the one that grew up with classics such as Super Mario.
  • 25 epic levels. The game spans over multiple maps, each with a different visual style and character actions. In one you might need to jump from one platform to another, while in another you’ll need to tap to stay still. The more you advance, the tougher it gets.
  • High scores & global rank. TapVenture thinks the other way around than most games, you need to get the treasure by collecting the fewest points possible. The less taps you do, the higher your score will be. You’ll be able to compare yours with the global high score and see where you stand.
  • Uplifting soundtrack. TapVenture comes with an uplifting soundtrack that helps you keep on going during the tougher levels. The soundtrack makes a perfect fit with the retro-Arcade visual style to recreate old time Arcade gaming feelings.

TapVenture is a true test for retro-nostalgic gamers and you can get it for free on Google Play.