Tangram: Mobile Browser

Tangram: Mobile Browser

Tangram: Mobile Browser

Andriod 4.0 and up +


Tangram Browser is an intelligent mobile browser that understands the way users interact with websites and helps them be more efficient with online information.

Sure there’s Chrome, Firefox, and dozens of other mobile browsers – but they are merely adaptations of their desktop counterparts ported to a smaller screen. These browser are great for quick lookups – but become frustrating once you start “exploring”.

Tangram differentiates itself from others by focusing on one key aspect that these browser lack; informational sessions. We built Tangram with mobile users in mind from the ground up to provide a tool that allows them to Seek, Process, Analyze, Allocate, and Store information in one place.

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Product Description

How does Tangram do that? 4 ways. First, we’ve reimagined tabs. Tangram provides tabs that reflect the content of a website as well as how you’ve interacted with that website – and finally, recognize how that tab situates itself in the context of your session. Second, we automatically organize and group these tabs as they represent individual pieces and groups in your session. Third, we provide powerful features that allow you to edit, analyze, and save portions of information. Finally, our architecture allows users to easily allocate, move, organize, and store entire sessions – not just links, with a few easy swipes.

Here are Tangram’s main features that make it a perfect choice for users who are frustrated with the current market solutions:

  • SEEK: Tangram allows users to search and browse, multiple sessions without wasted actions and losing progress.
  • PROCESS: Tangram provides market standard browsing and rendering capabilities to allow users to view websites at any point without pressing back and forth.
  • ANALYZE: Tangram provides powerful tools to allow users to save portions, edit, and further analyze websites and information.
  • ALLOCATE: Tangram’s architecture and sections allow users to organize, send, move websites and store them just as easily with swiping gestures.
  • STORE: Tangram allows users to store entire sessions into folders and bookmarks – not just links.  

Tangram is truly an efficient browser for mobile use. It is available for free on Google Play and you can see it in action below: