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SymTap is one of those pick-up-and-play game to pass your time. You can play its 3 unique game modes Nano, Femto and Pico for as long as you want, whenever you want.

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Product Description

SymTap’s main features:

  • Fast-matching gameplay. Incredibly simple yet challenging gameplay, just tap on emoji icons that match the one shown above as fast as possible. The faster you correctly match emojis, the higher your score will be.
  • Different game modes. There are three game modes to play: Nano, Femto and Pico. In Pico & Nano you must match emojis based on the top shown one. Femto mode will allow you to tap on everything except bombs and it starts with a very fast pace and then slows down with each correct tap.
  • Clean graphics & great sounds. SymTap has very clean graphics that allows you to focus on the gameplay rather than on eyecandy. It’s accompanied by a custom soundtrack that makes the game even more enjoyable.
  • Easy controls. SymTap’s controls are dead easy, just tap on icon emojis to clear them up from the 3×3 collection and that’s it, no extra controls or actions. Simple taps are fun taps!

SymTap is available for free on SlideME, Amazon Appstore and Google Play, so one simple tap away from fun casual gaming.

You can get a glimpse of SymTap’s gameplay in this demo: