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Product Description

Ready for a swordfighting MMORPG? Swords.io is a massive-multiplayer mobile .io game where the goal is to become the strongest fighter in the world. Multiplayer sword-fighting has never been more fun, especially when you can play against friends.

Unlock unique swords each with its own perks & attack rate, gain experience to level-up and enter epic arenas to climb your way up on the leaderboards. Play against players from all over the world using your cunning to outsmart them. You can get a glimpse of the gameplay from our official trailer here:

Game features:

  • Multiplayer .io sword fighting. In Swords.io you fight in realtime with random people online or your friends. Name your hero, get a sword and fight to death. Be on the lookout for powerups to gain advantages.
  • Level up your hero. The more you play, the more experience your hero gains. Level up and use collected coins to upgrade your skills (i.e. attack, health).
  • Beautiful maps. Join an arena to access beautiful maps. Fight in gigantic candy lands or fairytale Christmas-themed maps. Unlock new areas by leveling up and enjoy a minimalist-yet-beautiful design.
  • Unique weapons. Unlock 15 different unique weapons, from a good’ol wooden dagger, to the ultimate Sword of Evil. Discover the sword that suits you, as each has different perks (i.e. increase health, speed) & attack.

Swords.io combines the best of two worlds: on one side the simplicity of controls make it feel like a pick-up-and-play game, on the other you have a MMORPG mobile experience where you play against friends, family, and other online players.