Sweet Cookies Catcher

Sweet Cookies Catcher

Sweet Cookies Catcher

Arvind Kulhari
Android 2.3+


Sweet Cookies Catcher is a casual game where your goal is to catch delicious cookies while avoiding the sour lemons of … life.

The controls are dead easy, just tap left/right or tilt to move your basket, however cookies can bounce and as you advance they fall faster and faster. If a bomb touches you or you miss a dozen cookies then the game is over and you must start over.

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Product Description

Beat your own high-score and challenge your friends to see who’s better at catching cookies, for the sake of egg-catching childhood memories.

Main Features:

  • Casual Gameplay. Use a basket to catch falling cookies, candies and yummy cakes. Catch a bomb or miss 10 cookies and the game is over. The more you advance, the tougher the game gets.
  • Easy Controls. You can control the catcher by tapping on left/right icons, it’s as easy as that. You can also switch to motion sensor controls to move it by tilting your device.
  • Upgrade your Basket. Everytime you catch a regular cookie you get 1 point, but when you get a large cake you get 5 points (and lose 5 catching lemons). Use collected points to upgrade your basket.
  • Social Leaderboards. The main goal is to get the highest possible score in a theoretically endless game. Score high enough to access the leaderboards and challenge your friends at a catcher’s game.
  • Music & Sounds. Enjoy upbeat music while you play and get audio feedback whenever you correctly catch cookies. This makes a perfect fit with the candyland-like graphics.

Sweet Cookies Catcher is a casual game fit for players of all ages.