Stones Firing 3D

Stones Firing 3D

Stones Firing 3D

Velpula Games
Andriod 2.3 and up+


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Product Description

Stones Firing 3D is a shooting game with a play-style similar to the classic Asteroids. Armed with an upgradeable gun you must tap on the incoming rocks to destroy them before they harm you. Rocks vary in size and the principle is, the smaller the rock the higher your score as accuracy counts.

Main Features:

  • Endless Gameplay. Stones Firing 3D features an endless shooting gameplay where the main purpose is to survive as long as possible a never-ending wave of firing stones. Simply tap the stones to shoot them and avoid destroying gems to collect them.
  • Power-ups and Upgrades. Using the collected gems you can buy upgrades and survive longer. Upgrade your health, the available ammo, increase the frequency power-ups drop or double the score/gems.
  • 3D Graphics. Enjoy quality graphics as you play in a 3D environment with tri-dimensional rocks and gems as deadly obstacles. Play the game accompanied by music and interesting sounds.
  • Leaderboards & Achievements. The main purpose is to get the highest possible score. Save your high score in the local leaderboard or connect via Google Play services to access the online leaderboards. Unlock 14+ achievements as you improve your shooting skills.
  • Save Game Data. The player can save the game data and thus retrieve it on the same or another device. This way if the game is uninstalled and reinstalled, the game data can be reloaded.

While the game is fairly easy to play since you only tap to shoot, gameplay gets difficult as you must shoot rocks of various sizes (the small ones are the toughest to destroy) and different incoming speeds. Stones Firing 3D is free on Google Play but for a small fee players can install a premium version of the game, Objects Firing 3D (which features more targets, space environments and more).