Spritzr: Dating & Matchmaking

Android 4+, iOS 8.0 +


Meet Spritzr, world’s first dating app with social matchmaking. You can use it to find the perfect date without the awkwardness of other dating apps as your friends can be matchmakers for you.

This way they can suggest matches and if you accept those you’re one step closer to a relationship.


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Product Description

Spritzr is a free dating & matchmaking app for Android and iOS that helps you find a date using suggestions from your friends and family, other trusted people. When you use Spritzr you don’t have to worry about interacting with strangers with unknown backgrounds, as you get quality matches suggested by friends & family. Thus you still have at least one thing in common with your match, the matchmaker.

Main Features:

  • Find a date by browsing through profiles of nearby users
  • Suggest matches for your friends or other community members
  • Send and receive messages by starting conversations with your friends
  • Get notified when a match is suggested to you or when friends join
  • Simple interface easy to interact with, focused on helping you find a date
  • Multi-platform support, available for Android phones and iPhones
  • No registration required, simply sign-in using your Facebook account
  • Add or invite your friends to Spritzr to expand the possibility of finding matches
  • Spritzr is 100% free, with no in-app purchases or ads

If you are single looking to find the perfect date Spritzr is the solution – get quality matches as the human eye is much better than dating algorithms. Even if you are in a relationship Spritzr can be fun as you can play matchmaker and suggest matches to your friends – receive karma points and also get notifications when a match you suggested was perfect.

Spritzr is available for free so you can download & install it using one of the links below, based on your OS:

Here’s also a quick video overview that shows why Spritzr is better than other dating apps: