Spot the color

Varies with device
Andriod 2.3+


Spot the color is one of those casual games with a minimalistic design style that help you test your observation skill or improve it.

The goal is very simple, you are presented with a grid of colors and you must spot the one that is slightly different than the others. Once you pick the correct one you advance to the next grid with the purpose of getting the highest possible score.

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Product Description

Here are the most important features in “Spot the color”:

  • Simple Gameplay. You are presented with a grid of colored circles and you have to spot the 1 different color. Difficulty increases from a 2 by 2 color grid to an 8 by 8 one where it’s tougher to spot the difference.
  • Play Modes. You can play the game in a Timed mode where you must complete the most grids within a 60 second timeframe or in an Endless mode with no time limit. In Adkill you get to remove the ads if you get a score of 50 in an 1 minute play.
  • Choose your Material Design Color. There are 16 different material design colors for you to play with and each grid will have a variation of that color. For a better experience you can play with a Random color and see different colored grids each time.
  • Achievements & Leaderboards. Do you think you’re good at “Spot the color”? Then feel free to share your score with friends and also unlock achievements. If your score is great indeed you’ll access the leaderboards.