Spoony Fish

gambi mobile
- April 28, 2014
Andriod 2.3 and up +


“Spoony Fish” is a fun Arcade game with a clumsy (almost “flappy”) fish.

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Product Description

In “Spoony Fish” the protagonist is Bilo, a very clumsy fish that falls in love with a gorgeous specimen, Candy. Unfortunately she is far away so Bilo sets off on a journey to find her and express his love. Not only that, but he lives in a post-war water world filled with mines that once touched will literally blow Bilo up, unless you invoke the Genie. Yes, the game has a cupcake-loving Genie that, for the right amount of sweets, can save Bilo’s life even if he bumps into a mine.

The gameplay is very simple, just try to keep Bilo away from the mines and gather as many cupcakes as possible. You control the fish with simple taps that keep him swimming, but be careful to dodge the dreadful mines.

Here are some features that make Spoony Fish a fun game:

  • Funny graphics with a cartoon-ish look
  • Easy controls, simple taps keep Bilo swimming away from dangers
  • Addictive as you’ll find out is very difficult to keep a clumsy fish away from mines
  • Collect cupcakes to invoke a life-saving Genie that will allow you to continue playing even when hitting a deadly mine

Help Bilo reach his dream-fish while having some fun with this free game. You can also see a video demo on how the game is played here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OALnWCQ-qjI


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