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Save money by tracking your finances with Spender. Just a few seconds spent daily by entering your expenses will result in saving a lot of money overall and keeping your budget on the line.

With Spender everything is gorgeously arranged so that you are encouraged to enter your expenses and stay on track, financially.

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Product Description

Main Features:

  • Easy Budgeting. Tracking finances is a must for a well-balanced life. With Spender you need just a few SECONDS daily to track your finances and stick to the budget.
  • Fast Expense Saving. Spender’s main screen immediately gives you access to several predefined expense categories. Thus in a few seconds you can easily add expenses with a description.
  • Customizable Categories. Spender comes with several predefined expense categories based on their usage popularity. You can also add your own categories.
  • Material Design. Spender features an incredibly lightweight interface with material design graphics that makes it very easy to focus on using the app. This way you save time while using Spender to save money.
  • Go Premium. Upgrade to the Premium features pack for a small fee and access powerful web stats (statistic lists sorted by expense groups), budget planning, expense tracking widget and a passcode option.

Spender’s simplicity is it’s unique selling point as it makes expense tracking an easy-to-do activity and thus keeping you on track to save money. Join 300000+ other users that already save money by installing Spender for free from Google Play or iOS.