SpeedScript: Keyboard App

SpeedScript: Keyboard App

SpeedScript: Keyboard App

SpeedScript AG
Andriod 4.0+


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Product Description

SpeedScript is an user-friendly keyboard app optimized for touchscreens that goes beyond the limitations of your current device text input. Due to its innovative layout writing requires up to 47% shorter finger movements and shows 56% bigger keys as you can see in this quick video demo:

Unlike your regular keyboard app, SpeedScript protects your privacy and doesn’t read or save the data you input for autocorrect/autocomplete purposes. Aside privacy you also get rid of outside interferences and focus writing what you think.

Here are some of the reasons why SpeedScript is better than your current keyboard app:

  • Intelligent writing system. Vowels and spaces account for almost 50% of all used characters so with SpeedScript you can write in 8 different directions from any key. For example a stroke to the left produces an “a,” a stroke downward an “i,” a stroke to the right a “u,” and so on.
  • Compact and efficient design. SpeedScript uses a QWERTY layout without vowel keys thus has only 22 keys instead of 27 while still maintaining the same familiar layout. The keys are 56% bigger thus people can find and hit keys faster using SpeedScript.
  • Full privacy. Apart from efficiency, SpeedScript also spares users from the annoying autocorrect/autocomplete systems. Thus it avoids the sinister privacy issues of text entry systems that trawl the cloud and user’s smartphone to achieve a usable recognition rate.
  • Quick access to special symbols/functions. The blue key on the layout gives quick access to writing single vowels and spaces. The app also gives direct access to symbols (i.e. < > %) and advanced functions (page up/down, copy/paste, …) grouped thematically (i.e. smileys, currencies, …).

SpeedScript concentrates entirely on ergonomic and linguistic optimization of your device’s keyboard layout without affecting your privacy.