Space 3000: 3D Sci-Fi Adventure

Android 4.1+


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Product Description

Ready for an original horror-themed Sci-Fi 3D adventure? Space 3000 is a first person Sci-Fi escape game set within a beautifully designed 3D spaceship. Help a lone hero survive on a spaceship filled with dangers by solving intrinsic puzzles and time-limited quests.

The game successfully combines the adventure/explore game play styles with the survival/escape actions, to create an original gameplay with thrilling experiences.

You can get a feeling of its gameplay in this quick demo:

Main features:

  • Sci-Fi Adventure Gameplay. Space 3000 features a mesmerizing Sci-Fi escape adventure gameplay where you must help a hero solve various puzzles to survive on a ship full of dangers. How long can you survive on a vast spaceship where time is not on your side?
  • Amazing 3D Graphics. Enjoy a beautifully-crafted 3D game as you explore the spaceship, controlling the player’s camera from a 1st person perspective. While graphics are amazing, the game is optimized even for less powerful phones and tablets.
  • Multiple levels. Start playing the first of six levels available and see if you can solve the tasks given to you. With your virtual assistant’s help you must solve time limited tasks, find items and avoid being caught by deadly spider-like robots.
  • Horror atmosphere. The thrilling “dim-light” visuals coupled with a scary soundtrack create a horror-like game play. Time is not on your side, as you must react fast to imminent dangers (i.e. lasers). Enjoy a game atmosphere like in Dead Space, Alien or Prometheus.

Space 3000 does more than provide thrills, as you must use your brain-solving skills to solve its puzzles and react fast to do it before time runs out. The game is available for free on Google Play with an iOS version as well.