Space Dozer

- March 25, 2015
Andriod 2.3 and up +


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Product Description

Space Dozer is a game based on the famous Sokoban, however every level in Space Dozer has several possible solutions with only one “optimum” solution. The goal in Space Dozer is to eliminate the uninhabitable planets of the galaxy.

You do that with a powerful space dozer that is able to push planets in hatches connected to black holes. When all planets are aligned they will be consumed by the black hole and the level will be completed.

Here are some of Space Dozer’s features:

  • Easy Gameplay. The game maintains the same easy controls as in the original Sokoban, just move your ship close to a planet and use your direction arrows to get it close to the black hole.
  • One Optimum Solution. Each puzzle can be solved in various ways, however only one of those solutions is optimal, as it will set the minimum number of moves you can do to solve the level.
  • Multiple Levels. The game has 45 different levels within 3 different difficulty settings, from “easy” to “not easy at all” depending on how good you are at this game. Each level can be played at any time, as they are not locked.
  • Start Over. You can undo only the last move however the level can be reset if you want to start over. The good part is you’ll be accompanied by a nice soundtrack as you “puzzle-away”.Space Dozer is available for $1.29 CAD on Google Play and does NOT contain any annoying advertisement.


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