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Space Colonies

Android 4.0+


Do you have what it takes to rule the Universe? Find out with Space Colonies, an intense Sci-Fi idle clicker that lets you colonize new planets, develop groundbreaking technologies and conquer the Universe one planet at a time.

This is your chance to become filthy rich at an out-of-this-world level and rule the Universe. Simply tap to develop new technologies and upgrade frequently to increase revenue. Once your planet is developed enough move onto the other!

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Product Description

Compare your colonization progress with that of other worldwide players by accessing the global leaderboards. Keep an eye on the frequent free boosts to multiply your earnings temporarily.

Game features:

  • Space Idle clicking gameplay. Space Colonies features a Sci-Fi oriented idle clicking gameplay. Colonize new planets and research new technologies to earn money. Upgrade the technologies and colonies to increase your revenue. Hundreds of upgrades available.
  • Discover new technologies. Research electricity, water, food, extraction, fusion and other types of new technologies on the planet that you just colonized to earn money. Each research runs automatically and passively earns you money.
  • Upgrades. Upgrade each research constantly to increase your earnings. Every 50 new levels you can add a bonus upgrade that multiplies your earnings up to 1000 times. Colonies earn you money as well and they can also be upgraded to give you a head start on new planets.
  • Build your colonies. Once you reach a certain prosperity level on a planet, you can colonize a new one. The universe is vast so the colonization never ends. Get frequent free boosts just by interacting with S.A.M., your robot guide.

Click fast to become a rich space colonizer, and invite your friends to build the most powerful clan in the Universe.