Solitaire Lounge

Android 4.0.3+


Solitaire Lounge resurrects the classic game of Solitaire and transforms it into an adventure you can play with your family or friends.

Complete challenges to unlock new levels and enjoy the incredible animated graphics that come with each new theme.

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Product Description

From the tasty Candy Land to the depth of the Ocean or the scary Halloween lounge there’s a theme for every taste. Can you become the next Solitaire master and brag among your friends?

Main Features:

  • Classic Solitaire gameplay, with a twist. Solitaire Lounge has the same gameplay as the classic game of Solitaire. The final purpose is to create the 4 stacks of cards in the right order (A to K), by moving cards around using the available temp columns.
  • Adventure mode. Solitaire Lounge has an adventure mode where you advance from one level to the next one by solving each level’s challenges. Gain stars and high scores if you finish fast enough and with the least possible amount of moves.
  • Animated themes. Each new level also bring in a new different animated theme. Ready to travel to candy land? Or the spooky Halloween? Complete the challenges and gain experience to unlock the new themes.
  • Leaderboards & achievements. Play well enough to have your high-score shared with the world in the global leaderboards. Connect with Facebook to remove ads (FOR LIFE!) and also challenge your friends to see who’s better at Solitaire.

Aside its wonderful graphics Solitaire Lounge also comes with a custom soundtrack that changes with every new theme.