Smart Slide Block Puzzle

Smart Slide Block Puzzle

Smart Slide Block Puzzle

Serge Conti
Android 2.3+


SmartSlide is an unique game that smartly combines the complexity of an “unfolded” Rubik cube and sliding blocks puzzle movements.

The goal in each level is to match the colored gems into the same-colored boxes by using a single sliding block.

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Product Description

As easy as it sounds in theory, the practice will prove a truly brain challenging exercise as you can see in this video:

Main features:

  • Sliding-block puzzle gameplay. SmartSlide uses a mix of 15-puzzle boards and Rubik’s cube concepts to create an unique sliding-block gameplay. It requires spatial reasoning, it requires logic and that makes it captivating.
  • 80 Brain teasing levels. 4 different difficulty modes with a total of 80 playable levels will give you hours of brain-training exercises. You can play any level at any time, in any order you’d like.
  • Game playback. Just like in chess, you can watch how the masters finished a level. You can playback the world record (i.e. least number of moves for a level) or your own level record to improve your skills.
  • Achievements. For each level you can earn up to 3 stars depending on how many moves you use to complete it. You can also see an overall number of your awards based on finished levels.

SmartSlide is available for free on Google Play, so one tap away from practicing your puzzle-solving skills.