SmartPixel Screen Recorder

SmartPixel Screen Recorder

SmartPixel Screen Recorder

GoPlay Inc
- May 27, 2015-Teen
Andriod 2.3 and up +


SmartPixel is an amazing mobile screen recorder with video editing capabilities and free cloud storage. SmartPixel provides excellent recording performance and lets you create high-quality mobile videos right from your smartphone.

It also comes with free cloud storage as well as video play services so that users can upload and share their in-game recordings with their friends. SmartPixel works without needing to root your smartphone and integrates perfectly with Android.

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Product Description

Here are some of its main features:

  • Fully Compatible. SmartPixel works on any Android device (2.3 and up) and can capture exciting videos from any game that runs on Android (or other apps for that matter).
  • HD Video Recording. SmartPixel can record in various formats so you can choose the quality of the resulting video up to HD quality (as long as your hardware supports it).
  • Audio Sync. Not even it allows video recording, but SmartPixel is able to capture the audio which is great if you want to record your own comments while playing games (you can be the next PewDiePie).
  • Free Cloud Storage. Your recorded video can be uploaded and stored for free on the cloud. Even better, after the video is uploaded you can easily share it via Facebook/Twitter or Youtube.

SmartPixel is powered by the most advanced recording technology thus you can fluently capture HD videos from your smartphone. You can see how easy it is to record videos with SmartPixel here:


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