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Ready for a reinvented game of Scrabble? SmartFeud at its core relies on the classic gameplay of Scrabble but it includes a unique element, the ability to re-use a letter from the board.

Just as in Scrabble, the goal is to score as many points as possible by forming words on a given table. However, the unique twist is that you’ll be able to pick one of the letters off the table and then use it in a different place. This way the game gets another complexity level and it’s basically the ultimate word game challenge. The game is currently available in English (US and British English words are both included), German and Dutch.

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Product Description

Invite your friends and play against them or challenge a randomly-online player to see who’s better at SmartFeud. For an overview of what the game is about you can watch this video:

  • Scrabble & strategy gameplay mix. SmartFeud features an unique gameplay that combines the classic word play of Scrabble with strategy moves. Its unique selling point is the ability to pick one letter off the table and use it for your advantage.
  • Multiplayer play mode. SmartFeud can be played in multiplayer mode with 2, 3 or 4 different players. You can invite your friends and play against them, or pick a random available player. You can play multiple games at once.
  • Blitz-game mode. By default the play isn’t time limited, and you place your letters at your own pace. However you can choose to play in blitz-mode, where there’s a timer for your every move. If you don’t place in time you lose your turn.
  • Chat with opponents. The game also includes a chat module that lets you talk to your opponents. This way you can interact with them and discuss or plan your next play.

You can also buy SmartFeud through an in app purchase. This removes the ads and allows you to invite others to play a game in Professional Mode. When you play the game in professional mode you lose your turn when you play a word that is not in the dictionary.