SmartCooks: Healthy Cooking

Android 4.0.3+


SmartCooks is your own personal cooking assistant. It will suggest recipes based on what ingredients you have, what preferences you’ve set and also on what you’ve cooked in the past. The more you use it, the better it gets.

The SmartCooks app can inspire you to cook a healthy meal even when you don’t have the time or inspiration. We have developed a unique algorithm to help you create a healthy meal plan in seconds.

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Product Description

SmartCooks is a 4-in-1 cooking app as it lets you find recipes, create and share shopping lists, manage your ingredients’ inventory and plan your meals. It helps you buy only what you need and cook with what you have.

Main features:

  • What to cook? SmartCooks inspires you by making smart suggestions based on your personal preferences and the ingredients you have in your kitchen pantry. in-build unique algorithm ensures these smart suggestions help finding healthy options and  further enrich your cooking experience.
  • What to Buy? Choose your recipe and it automatically create/share a shopping list with everything you need from the grocery store, in just one click.
  • What’s in the Pantry? Done shopping? Add items to your pantry in seconds! Simply scan the ingredients you want to add. SmartCooks suggestion algorithm will give you recipes based on what is in the pantry.
  • Recipe Search? Planning weekly meals stress free? SmartCooks has thousands of recipes you can choose from, with smart search filter you can narrow it down to perfect recipe for your family. Find recipes and add it to your calendar to get alerts and notifications about grocery and meal plans.
  • Dietary Restrictions: You can set dietary restrictions (i.e. Vegan, Vegetarian, Ovo vegetarian, …), allergy preferences and favorite cuisine, SmartCooks will suggest  recipes along with nutrition information.

SmartCooks is available for free on Google Play so only 1 tap away from finding the best cooking assistant.