Smart Squares

Michael Jentsch
Android 4.1+


Smart Squares is not yet-another-puzzle-game, but actually a brain training single & multi-player puzzle. It’s like chess but square-centric, as on a board you must combine tokens to make squares.

The goal is to create more squares than your opponent before the board fills up with tokens.

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Product Description

Smart Squares has a Quest mode as well, where you play levels with gradually increasing difficulty, up to the point where you can create a custom level yourself.

Main features:

  • Unique puzzle gameplay. Use your wits to combine 4 color matching tokens in such a way that they form a square. The player that forms the most squares as more tokens are added, wins the game.
  • Multiple game modes. Play against the AI in easy, medium, hard or impossible single player mode to train for Multiplayer. Challenge your friends to see who scores the highest.
  • Quests & Level generator. You can also play 40+ levels in quest mode to practice your problem solving skills. When that’s not a challenge anymore, you can create your own playable level.
  • Minimalist design. Smart Squares features a beautifully-minimalist design meant to help you focus on the actual puzzle to solve.
  • Totally free. Unlike other games that mention “free” but actually have ads, Smart Squares is 100% free with no ads or in-app purchases.