Slots Adventure Quiz

Slots Adventure Quiz

Slots Adventure Quiz

- April 15, 2015
Andriod 2.3.3 and up +


Slots Adventure Quiz is a new, interesting and funny mix of Slot Machines and Quiz game. With this game you can discover a new and revolutionary way to play Slot Machines combining luck and knowledge. Apart from great random prizes there will be 7 trivia categories where you can test your knowledge and boost up your winnings…

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Product Description

Slots Adventure Quiz is a brand new, interesting and funny combination of Slot Machines with Quiz/Trivia.

The game mixes the traditional experience of playing Slots with a new feature of trivia which includes 7 different question categories. This means that there are 2 ways to earn game money: the traditional one, having luck hitting the jackpot and the new one, answering correctly questions when 4 icons/symbols of a trivia category appear.

The trivia section is composed of 7 different question categories: Sports, Entertainment, History, Geography, Miscellaneous, People and Science. When 4 symbols of the same category appear, a pop up will show up and you will be asked to place a bet. In this manner you have control of your bet size, having the possibility to reduce the bet amount when a trivia category appears that is not your strength. On the other hand when you receive a category that you like you can push the bet slider to the maximum amount that is allowed. This betting system gives you a good control about how to manage your risks.

Another special feature in this game is the integrated adventure map that will allow you to follow your trip and see also the progress of your friends when they logged in with Facebook. Every time you answer a question correctly you will move forward one step on the map. The map is divided in many different areas and the Slot Machines you can play with will depend on the area in where you are located on the map.

Join us on this journey of luck and wisdom with this Slots Adventure!


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