Shopping List

Android 4.0.3+


Shopping List is not yet-another grocery list app, as it comes with something unique. The shopping list you create has products grouped and has a dynamic tree-like structure. Thus, instead of seeing all the products in the order you entered them in your shopping list, you will see those grouped by major category.

Shopping List emulates this way the behavior you have when going out shopping in a supermarket. If you are on the Dairy lane then you can look at the list and see all dairy-related products one under the other. Thus you don’t have to return to that lane again once you’ve finished shopping.

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Product Description

The list is created in 2 steps, first you choose from a Catalog what products you want to add in the shopping list. Products can be added by browsing the main categories and seeing the predefined ones, or searching the database of existing products (thousands of entries) to pick the ones you want to add. For each product you can add a price and comments, plus  modify the desired quantity.

Once you’re on the Shopping List view you can tap on the products you’ve already bought and mark those as purchased. When you’re done just archive the shopping list and it will be moved so that you have a History view of all your purchases. You can see a video demo of it in action here:

Main Features:

  • Pre-defined Catalog of Products. The main screen you’ll see in Shopping List is the Catalog view, which will show several predefined categories. In each you can find the most popular products (i.e. Tomato under Vegetables). Just tap on a particular product and select the quantity to send it to your shopping list. If the pre-defined products are not enough, use the search function to look through an extensive list of over 8,000 ready-to-add products. This is the power of Shopping List, it’s a supermarket-in-your-pocket.
  • Dynamic Shopping List. The shopping list view will display items you have in your cart, grouped by category. It follows the same logic as you’d follow in a physical store, you go to the Pastry section and in there you buy Biscuits, Waffles, … and other pastry products. Shopping List does the same thing, it will show grouped products – this means you tap on a category in your cart, then mark products in that category as purchased then go onto the next category and so on. Instead of relying on the logic of other shopping list apps where the products are displayed in the order you add them in, with Shopping List they are grouped just as you’d find them on the shelves of the supermarket.
  • Add Prices & Comments. When adding a product to your shopping list you can choose its quantity but also set a price for it. That’s optional, however if you add it you’ll get a better estimate on how much you’ll have to pay to purchase all the products in your shopping list. For each added product you can also add a comment. Useful in those situations for example where your other half tells you to buy exactly a particular brand of cheese.
  • History of Purchases. Once you mark a cart complete the list of products in your shopping cart moves into a History view. You can access that and see when you’ve bought and what. Aside the date you’ll also see the price paid for that particular list of products and any comments you’ve added to them.
  • Backup Data. You can connect your Google Drive account with Shopping List and have your data backed up online. This helps if you need to use the app over various devices and sort of keep it in sync. Shopping Lists can also be shared via Facebook, so you can send those to other family members if they need guidance on what needs to be bought.
  • Customizable View. You can customize its appearance by choosing one of the 3 available themes (blue, red & grey) and also customize the predefined settings for how Search & Catalog behave (from Settings).

Shopping List is available for free on Google Play.