- January 17, 2015
Andriod 2.3 and up +


“Sfronzols” is a game but also a virtual pet that interacts with you. All Sfronzols are born in a special way and thus they’re all unique, there can’t be two of the same kind. It’s a colourful and funny little pet who has its needs and its own witty personality (maybe just a tint cheeky too).

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Product Description

Here’s what you get for free when you install Sfronzol on your mobile device:

  • Each Sfronzol is unique and with its own color, shape, eye color and other physical characteristics. You only choose its gender at the beginning of the game (they even have their own sexual preferences)
  • You can login with Facebook to keep your Sfronzol in sync over all devices (iOS and Android)
  • Sfronzols can be lulled to sleep, fed (just don’t touch when feeding as it will get mad), washed, treated and so on
  • It comes with an integrated console (Playbox) with various mini-games you can play while your Sfronzol rests
  • When your Sfronzol is happy it will sing and dance several songs such as Spice Girl, Born to be Alive and many more!
  • You can take selfies with your Sfronzol when it’s healthy, but be sure to monitor it for sickness as there are some terrible diseases such as Ghostite or Morpheite


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