seeTime – Time Calculator

seeTime - Time Calculator

seeTime – Time Calculator

Gilles Kerhousse
- June 19, 2014
Andriod 4.0 and up +


seeTime is an app that lets you master date and time calculations. Do you know how many days are left until your birthday? Or until the summer holiday? seeTime lets you master dates and times to know exactly how long until you get that fully deserved holiday or how many days until you’ll have to prepare your child’s birthday party.

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Product Description

With seeTime you can easily calculate how many days/weeks/months or even years are between two particular dates. It lets you input any two dates, so you can even calculate how much time elapsed since a particular historical date in the past (or how much time is left until we send a ship to Mars).

With seeTime difficult time calculations are a thing of the past and you also get access to advanced features such as these ones:

  • Easy datepicker lets you choose two different dates and calculate the days/weeks/months/years between them
  • Addition/subtraction operations between dates and hours let you easily for instance what date will be 111 days from now
  • “This day in history” lets you see what happened on the date you selected by searching the Internet for that on particular topics (history, cinema, literature, …)
  • Custom presets allow you to define your own topic of interest to search the web for (i.e. what was on TV last Tuesday, how will the weather be in 10 days)


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