Scavenger Duels: Fight Game

Facemobi Interactive
Android 4.2+


Ready for a multiplayer duel game set in a Sci-Fi deserted world? Then try Scavenger Duels, a turn-based RPG game that you can play against the AI or other online players.

Jump right into the action with a short tutorial and discover an unique gameplay where staying unpredictable is the best strategy. Choose your character, unlock the best gear, duel other online players and climb the Scavenger rank ladder.

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Product Description

Constantly change your strategy and play style to be as elusive in battle as possible and avoid getting caught on the wrong foot. With beautiful Sci-fi graphics set in a post-apocalyptic deserted future, Scavenger Duels will captivate you:

Main features:

  • Turn-based RPG Gameplay. Scavenger Duels offers a competitive turn-based fighting game where the main strategy is predicting your opponent’s move. Collect items, use weapons, shields and energy, and duel other online players.
  • Equipment & upgrades. 5 categories with equipment that you unlock as you win more battles. Get better knives, powerful guns, shields and recharging equipment and best your opponent. As you earn coins you can upgrade to better packs.
  • Multiple characters. Unlock up to 9 different characters as you defeat captains in The Pit. No matter if you feel like a Lextor or a Cortana, there’s one to match your personality anyway.
  • Play in the Pit or Multiplayer. Play against the AI for training in the Pit and once you finish those 8 levels you can step into multiplayer mode and challenge other online players. Grow up in rank and earn better gear!