Sapience Buddy: Time Tracker

Sapience Buddy: Time Tracker

Sapience Buddy: Time Tracker

Sapience Analytics
Andriod 4.1+


Feeling overwhelmed due to lack of time?

Sapience Buddy is the perfect app for you, because it helps you track time in order to find time. It was featured in top publications from Forbes to The New York Times for its unique approach.

Sapience Buddy is an unique time tracking app that helps users stay organized and also highly informed on how they spent their day. Sapience Buddy was designed to automatically capture your activities on mobile devices to give you a simple visual dashboard about your time utilization and help you save time.

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Product Description

Here are some of the features that make Sapience Buddy unique:

  • Comprehensive time spent reports. Sapience gives you a detailed log of time spent on apps, calls, traveling and in different locations. It will also track all fitness related activities thus the most comprehensive time tracking app on the market.
  • Separate Work from Private activities. You can easily separate tracked time as work-related vs private activities. This way you can easily analyze how your time is divided between your personal life and work.
  • Flexibility on tracked activities & data. You have full control over what activities are tracked so easily exclude certain activities or define time intervals without tracking. All tracked data is easy to search through and analyze.
  • Merge across multiple devices. Merge your desktop activities with your smartphone to have an overview of your daily activities

With Sapience Buddy you keep track of time, manage your daily activities and literally save time.

There is no other App directly comparable to Sapience Buddy because it comprehensively tracks all time related elements, provides useful standalone analytics and extends this further with the option to merge analytics of your time spent working on the PC while being friendly with your battery.