Round Corners Lite

Round Corners Lite

Round Corners Lite

Yogesh Dama
Android 4.2+


Are you a square or round type of person?

The world is divided in 2, some like round corners while others square ones, no middle ground. Round Corners is an app that does exactly what it says, will round the corners of your display on every Android device you have – with no rooting required.

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Product Description

Simply install & give it access, then pick a style for the rounded corners of all your apps or only a few if you want to. Forget the boring square designs, it’s time to pimp up your screen with over 40 different styles as you can see in this demo:

Main features:

  • Rounded corners. As the name suggests the main purpose of this app is rounding corners for your display, no matter the device. Set up roundness radius, opacity and even choose individual corners to apply roundness (or not).
  • Individual app settings. You can set specific looks for individual apps, so enabling rounded corners for some, while disabling for others. The best effect though is achieved when rounding corners for all apps.
  • 40+ custom designs. Pick one of 40 different rounded corner designs and beautify your screen. From simple corners to professionally crafted ones, set your display aside from the crowd.
  • Pick a Theme. You can use Rounded Corners with its default theme or pick a darker theme for a different design. This affects only the app, not your other displays.

Round Corners is available for free on Google Play and for a small fee you can also unlock the full version (no ads).