- February 10, 2015
Andriod 2.3.3 and up +


“ROTO” is a nice little puzzle-platformer that will put both your brain and your reflexes to the test. It’s fun to play when you’re bored and can become really addictive once you start in earnest. There are adds but they are rarely seen and far from annoying.

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Product Description

ROTO is a minimalist challenging puzzle. The game offers a simple one tap control and using that, the player has to jump across different rotatory platforms, collecting stars and unlocking more levels as you go. You can play over 200 levels, which each chapter will introduce a new obstacles such as chainsaw, bouncing balls, portal, invisible balls and more.
This game was featured by Apple as Best New Games and Best New Games Updated and winning several awards:

  • “Honorable Mention” Global Game Development Competition 2014″
  • “Nomination for Indie Showcase” Casual Connect Asia 2014, Singapore”
  • “Nomination for ‘Excellence in Browser Gaming'” Indian Creative Technology Awards 2014″
  • “Nomination for ‘Excellence in Mobile Gaming'” Indian Creative Technology Awards 2014″

Here are some of the features on ROTO:

  • A unique and simple one-tap gameplay which gets challenging over time (even your granny could play it but can’t complete it).
  • A minimalist and clean artstyle adding to the simplicity as well as annoyance of the game.
  • 5 Level Packs with over 200 levels offering new and bigger balls. Over 100 more levels coming soon!
  • A Free-to-play monetization model that focuses more on player’s ability to play than his ability to pay. You can unlock all level for FREE by collecting stars.


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