Rope Z

Zone of Fun
- January 23, 2015
Andriod 3.2 and up +


“Rope Z” is a 2.5D game where the aim is to find the treasure before the clock runs down. You do that by helping the main protagonist, a little blue character named “Z”, to use ropes and get into impossible to reach different places.

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Product Description

Here are the main features that captivate audiences of all ages in “Rope Z”:

  • Marvelous graphics. “Rope Z” is a side-view platformer with 2.5D graphics that look amazing, from castles to dungeons the surroundings and characters will fascinate the eye as the adventure unfolds.
  • Realistic game mechanics. Our beloved Z character moves by swinging on ropes like Spider Man and the mechanics really seize that feeling of actual free fall and swinging.
  • Electrifying sounds. Accompanied by a great soundtrack and game sounds that instil the thrills of adventure, “Rope Z” is that type of game you have to play until the final level.
  • Thrilling adventure. Z’s adventure spans through various levels each with its own characteristics, with the goal of finding the treasure before the time runs out.
  • Upgrades. Throughout the game Z will find powerups (i.e. rockets that propel him to next platforms)
  • See the trailer:
  • In App purchases: Unlock more levels and vanity upgrades for a small fee


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