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- January 5, 2015
Andriod 4.0 and up +


“Roamy” is an Android app that makes roaming cheap and helps travelers save money.

When you’re abroad a single minute of internet access could cost you up to $30. With “Roamy” you can limit your internet connection to be used only by your favorite apps and optionally set a limit on their data use.

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Product Description

You’ll get a warning about data usage and you have real-time monitoring of current usage as well as other important features:

  • Automatically enable Roamy when going abroad
  • Set up monthly limits (when you’re in the country for all apps) or travel global limits (for all apps when you’re abroad)
  • Define cost currency and set up a billing cycle

Only want to use 1 MB for Whatsapp? No problem, that’s more than enough for over 150 text messages, no need to let it consume more bandwidth than it needs. Using Tripadvisor to read tips on the road? You can grant Internet access only to it, while blocking any other apps that want to use your bandwidth abroad! No need to be afraid to turn on roaming when abroad, Roamy takes care of that.


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