Really Bad Idea: Party Game

Android 4.1+


Really Bad Idea is a game that will liven any party – guaranteed!

The idea behind it is as simple as it is devious. Just gather party-goers, open the app and hit a cleverly-named “Create Bad Idea”. You’ll see a series of odious texts that will be randomly sent if you don’t chicken out. And I mean odious, how about asking your dentist “Do they not teach you personal hygiene?” – or your girlfriend “Where’s my dinner?”. Or dozens others that will definitely make you the soul of the party, with the risk of sleeping on the couch… or having the wrong tooth pulled out.

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Product Description

Here are some of the features powering Really Bad Idea:

  • Dozens of clever texts. Some might call these texts bad, not clever, but they’ll definitely raise some eyebrows. And this app can generate dozens of them, one tap away from making history.
  • Simplicity. As soon as the app starts you’ll see 2 buttons, one for sending the dreadful SMS to someone, and another that will generate a new bad idea.
  • A matching theme. The design is all black with an emphasis on the buttons that let you send the SMS. That’s it, no complicated menus, no extra options, just the app to its bare minimum.
  • A Truth-or-Dare replacement. Really Bad Idea lives up to its name, and you’ve been warned right from the start. It’s that kind of party game that makes you say the following day: What Have I Done?!!

Really Bad Idea is available for free on iOS and Google Play, so one tap away from doing things you might regret the next morning