Rainbow Meteor

Hardai Games
Android 4.0.3+


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Product Description

Rainbow Meteor is an Arcade game with retro-style pixel graphics where the main goal is to try & survive as long as possible.

Test your reflexes and see how fast can you dodge or hit meteors thrown at you by villains. Choose from a variety of heroes, each with their own abilities, and score high to access the worldwide leaderboards. Catch a glimpse of its gameplay here:

Main features:

  • Arcade gameplay. Enjoy a true Arcade gameplay where you must Dodge, Hit or use Special powers on incoming meteors. While controls are very simple, it will be insanely difficult to survive for long.
  • Retro graphics. Rainbow Meteor features a retro-style design with pixel-perfect graphics. Coupled with its Arcade gameplay, the game is truly a feast for retro-nostalgics and not only!
  • Multiple heroes. You can play as one of the 4 available heroes: Superhuman, Mage, Ninja or Telepath. All are unlocked and playable from the start, and each has his own abilities.
  • Join the Leaderboards. Connect with your Play account and access the social & worldwide leaderboards. You can easily challenge your friends to see who’s better at dodging meteors.