Rail Miner: Gold Rush

Rail Miner: Gold Rush

Rail Miner: Gold Rush

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Android 5+


Ready for a retro-nostalgic gaming experience? Rail Miner is an endless running Arcade game with retro graphics and one-touch controls.

Just tap at the exact right moment to make a turn or jump with your mining rail, otherwise you’ll have to start over. The goal is to travel the farthest possible while collecting as many gold nuggets as you can.

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Product Description

You can see the game in action in this quick demo:

Main Features:

  • Endless running. A one-touch gameplay, simply tap to turn, jump/double-jump as you endlessly run while collecting gold. Frustratingly addictive, as the slightest mistake throws you off the rails.
  • Colorful world. Rail Miner is a game for all ages, and it all happens in a colorful cube world. Enjoy a voxel design style with cube-based pixel graphics reminiscent of retro Arcade times.
  • Unlock characters. You start off with 2 characters, but as you gather gold nuggets you’ll be able to unlock up to 40 different ones. All shapes and colors, one more interesting than the other.
  • Achievements. Connect with Google Play Games to unlock lots of achievements and make the gameplay even more interesting. Challenge your friends to see who’s better at running.