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Product Description

Ready for massive realtime PvP epic fights? Meet Rage Squad, a real-time player-vs-player fight game where you pick a hero and start fighting against other worldwide players. Each hero has a different set of original skills that give a unique touch to each fight. You can duel with others in a Free for All mode (last standing man wins) or Team Rumble (3 vs 3 players).

Rage Squad features a ranking-based system that automatically picks opponents close to your own fighting ability. This makes each match very challenging. The fights are all set in beautiful 3D arenas with amazing graphics that makes the whole experience plain EPIC. You can experience the game by watching this quick demo:

Main features:

  • Real-time PvP Gameplay. In Rage Squad you play epic real-time fights against other worldwide players. Challenge thousands of real players and fight based on ranking with opponents at your own level. Use your special skills efficiently to win the match.
  • Unique Heroes. There are six different heroes to play with. Heroes have their own set of unique skills and can be customized to match your desired design style. From the beautiful Lucy to the deadly Hecto, there’s one hero for any type of player.
  • Various Arenas. Rage Squad features multiple arenas, some that are completely open, others that have blind alleys and upper floors. It also features different game modes, from the initial Training one to Team Rumble and ultimately Free for All (everyone for themselves).
  • Precise Controls & Unique Graphics. The game features a 2 finger control, with one you’ll handle hero movement and with the other the attack/special skill blows. Experience an amazing design with beautifully crafted heroes, 3D arenas and dynamic effects.
  • Ranking. The ultimate goal in Rage Squad is to win as many clashes as you can to advance in the global ranking leaderboard. The better you are, the better players you’ll be matched against.