Power Log: Workout Tracker

Matt Calhoun
Android 5+


Need help in staying motivated to reach your fitness goals? Meet Power Log, a mobile fitness app designed to keep you motivated, whether your goal is to get stronger, faster, or fitter!

Easily log your weight lifting and cardio workouts while tracking your body measurements to see how you’ve progressed. All your workout progress can be logged and charted to analyse how you’re advancing.

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Product Description

Power Log can be used offline but when online it can also sync your data across multiple devices or even with Strava (if you use it). You can see it in action in this quick video demo:

Main features:

  • Weight lifting tracker. It’s important to log your workouts, and Power Log intuitively helps you keep a log of your weight lifting training sessions. Easily handle supersets/drop sets and you can also pick exercises already included or add your own.
  • Cardio workout logs. Power Log helps track cardio workouts with ease. You can track running/cycling/boxing and more cardio workouts. See the pace for the current workout and easily track intervals as well.
  • Verify your progress. Take progress photos whenever you like and scroll through past progress photos to see how much you’ve achieved. You can also track measurements grouped by photos, overall body measurements, tape and caliper measurements.
  • Syncing & Sharing. You can easily share your workouts with friends using QR code scans. Your workout data is stored locally thus you can use it offline too. If you’re online, you can sync the data over multiple devices.