PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail
Android 4.0+


Want the flexibility of e-mail for your postal mail? You can with PostScan, a unique app that lets you manage your postal mail online, from anywhere in the world. You receive a real US mailing address and each item sent to it will have its details scanned for you to decide what to do.

With PostScan you can access your mail from anywhere in the world, anytime and from any device (PC/Mac, Android or iOS). Keep the good mail and even forward it anywhere in the world, trash the junk mail or securely shred personally identifiable information.

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Product Description

You can view PostScan in action in this short demo video:

Main features:

  • Online Mail Management. PostScan combines the best of 2 worlds, e-mail with postal mail. It gives you full control over your mail deliveries, online. You can manage your postal mail remotely from any location, with full security.
  • Mail Scanning. You’ll receive your own US postal address where you can have your physical mail delivered. PostCan will then scan the sender details and deliver it to you online, while protecting your privacy.
  • Spam protection & forwarding. Keep the good, trash the bad. Through the interface you can decide which mail to keep and which to trash. You can also have the good mail physically forwarded to any worldwide destination.
  • Mail storage & protection. Your physical mail is stored for free for 30 days, and even longer for a small fee to keep a clutter-free office. You can also securely dispose of mail through privacy-protective shredding.
  • Multiple users & filtering. You can grant access to multiple users for managing your PostScan Mail account. You can also define powerful automatic filters to move mails or performing various actions (scan, shred, recycle, transfer).

With PostScan you save time by only keeping the mail that counts, while also having the flexibility to have packages forwarded anywhere in the world.