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Product Description

You deserve a better Platformer! And Polymeda is the one, a game that combines the classic gameplay of retro Arcades such as Bounce, with new platformer elements. Tap to bounce from one element to another while collecting as many diamonds as possible. A minimum number is required to be able to finish a level.

Use the game elements to your advantage as those are dynamic and use realistic physics movements. As levels advance, you will discover non-conventional unseen elements that must be worked around to advance. It’s much more than simply moving the ball or jumping around, it’s a new platformer experience.

Main Features:

  • Arcade Platformer Gameplay. Polymeda features an insane platformer gameplay. You control a bouncy ball and the goal is to collect a required amount of diamonds before reaching the finish line. Adapt quickly to avoid all sorts of obstacles and advance to the next level.
  • 25 Captivating Levels. There are more than 25 different levels you must survive through. Each level more devious than the other. Expect the unexpected with various new types of obstacles, different layouts and more. Insanely addictive.
  • Simple Controls & Design. Polymeda has a 2-finger control, one allowing you to jump while the other lets you pick a direction. The design is minimalist allowing you to concentrate on the actual gameplay rather than eye candy.
  • Leaderboards. Think you’re getting better at Polymeda? Connect your Facebook account and compete against your friends to see who’s better. Don’t feel discouraged, practice makes perfection.