Pick The Hottie

Visum Technology
September 3, 2015
Andriod 2.3.3 and up


“Pick The Hottie” is an app that lets you play a game of choosing the hottest person from 2 given choices as well as allowing you to use geo-location to find interesting people around you. Unlike other apps, with ours you will also find out if your taste is in line with what the crowd picked.

In “Pick The Hottie” you can play a game of who is better looking but also meet new interesting people and connect with them. You’ll be able to find others with the same interests within your area based on the app’s geo-location features or discuss with your friends using the in-app chat. Just create your profile and start following or be followed to know more friends!

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Product Description

Here’s why Pick The Hottie should be your next choice if you’re looking to meet new people or simply having some fun:

  • Choose the HOTTIE. This game is simple, you will be presented with 2 photos of real members (of the same genre) and you’ll be asked to pick the hottie. After you cast your vote, you’ll see how the crowd voted so far.
  • Find your Match. The app allows you to do a search for other members by providing a city, a radius around you, specifying the genre of whom you’re looking for and last but not least the age limit.
  • Messaging. You can discuss with your friends directly from within the app by using the chat function. Nothing breaks the ice better than a bit of gossip on who’s the recent hottie you’ve seen.
  • Social Profiles. Each member can have a profile with photos, a description, friends/followers and a list of other hotties they’ve recently “beat”.
  • Follow or be Followed. If you encounter interesting members you can start following them and they can do the same. It’s also very easy to find members near you or invite others from your social networks.

Pick The Hottie is available for free on Google Play so why pay for Tinder when you can meet new interesting people with this app too.