PengBan: Sokoban Puzzle

PengBan: Sokoban Puzzle

PengBan: Sokoban Puzzle

Bhima Apps
June 15, 2015
Android 2.3.3 and up


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Product Description

In PengBan you must help Pigu find love by pushing pebbles towards the nests – male penguins do this in real life too in order to attract females and pair up for life.

Gather all the pebbles as fast as you can and you’ll advance to the next level. Just be careful though, just like in the classic Sokoban you only get one chance to go back to the previous step so if you miscalculate you must start over.

If you love Sokoban-like games and penguins, these are the features that will make PengBan your next favorite game:

  • Hundreds of Levels. The game currently has 200 levels, each with a different configuration and degree of difficulty. Hours of fun-guaranteed puzzles await, with more to be added in future versions.
  • Winter-ish Graphics. The WINTER IS COMING! Well, not that winter but it’s cooling to play in the hot summer a game that takes place in an arctic environment with graphics that match the season (penguins, ice, snow, …).
  • Classic Gameplay. The gameplay in PengBan is that of the classic Sokoban, calculate the best path to collect the pebbles and bring them to the nest without being able to undo more than one step.
  • Easy Controls. You can either control the penguin by swiping in the direction you want it to go or just use the navigation buttons to go up/down/left/right.
  • Compete against Yourself. The goal in PengBan is not only to advance to the next level, but to obtain the best time when collecting all pebbles.

With great graphics and matching sounds, PengBan is definitely a good choice for those that like the classic Sokoban.


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