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- June 1, 2015-Everyone
Andriod 4.0 and up +


PDF Reader is the one app you can rely on whenever you need a portable solution to work with PDF files, in the office or at home. With it you can manage your PDF files and view them, as well as organize any annotations or markups included in the documents.

You can also use the included document scanner to import images from your gallery/camera and convert those to PDF. Last but not least, you can use “PDF Reader” as a collaboration tool by sending the PDF documents to your friends/colleagues via email or store them in the cloud.

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Product Description

Here is a list of features that contributed to the global success of PDF Reader:

  • Easy to Use, Easy to Read. The core feature of PDF Reader is its ability to accurately render the PDF pages with high speed thus a seamless reading experience. Aside that, it recognizes and shows bookmarks, allows text searching, outlining and displaying document thumbnails.
  • File Annotation & Markups. You can highlight, underline or strike-through sections in any PDF file opened with this app. This is a great collaboration feature especially when reviewing documents as you can also provide feedback via organizable annotations.
  • File Transfer & Backup. With PDF Reader you can easily export/import PDF documents. Plus, you can use the “Share via” Android menu to send PDF files or back them up (PDFs can be exported directly by email too).
  • Document Scanner. Images from your Gallery or Camera can be imported, adjusted and converted (individually or in batch) to PDF files thus the optimal scan-to-PDF solution.
  • Freehand Writing. You can add signatures to the converted PDF files by using the freehand writing tool. Simply choose the style of the freehand writing and start “watermarking” your PDFs.

“PDF Reader” has been featured countless times in the appstore and is praised for its reliability. It is available for free on Google Play in over 11 different languages and we continuously invest in its development.


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