Parallax 3D Live Wallpaper

Parallax 3D Live Wallpaper

Parallax 3D Live Wallpaper

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Android 5+


Experience a new type of parallax wallpaper with night & day effects and rotating background! With Parallax 3D Live Wallpaper you can transform your homescreen into a beautiful mountain scene with parallax effects.

Tilt your phone to change the perspective and enjoy the gyroscope-sensitive effects. When night comes the scenery changes and you’ll see stars flying in, nebula and even the galaxy.

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Product Description

Parallax 3D Live Wallpaper is the only live wallpaper that slowly blends from day into night mode based on time of day and has a spinning background. This is the perfect solution to switch from your boring static wallpapers to dynamic live ones. With 11 live wallpapers to pick from, you’ll never get bored! You can briefly experience it in this quick demo:


  • 3D Parallax Wallpaper. Spice up your homescreen with beautiful 3D mountain wallpapers. Its tilt parallax and gyroscope effects will wow you and your friends.
  • Multiple Live Wallpapers. You can unlock up to 11 different live wallpapers. These are split into day and night wallpapers, and you can choose any unlocked ones.
  • Day & Night effects. The wallpaper during the day is all bright and calm, but at night the magic happens. See the stars, nebula, galaxy all come to life on your phone. The wallpaper will slowly blend into night mode automatically.
  • Low battery consumption. One of the most important features to think of when choosing a live wallpaper is battery consumption. Parallax 3D was optimized to use minimum battery.
  • Advanced options. You can fine-tune the rotation of the wallpaper, pick times when day/night kicks in and even control the tilt parallax effect.