Panda vs Zombies

DxCo Games
- February 27, 2015
Andriod 2.3 and up +


Panda vs Zombies is a game whose title says it all, you help a Panda bear control a zombie outbreak! A deadly virus transformed almost all population into brain eating zombies, from office workers to The King of rock-and-roll himself (yes, ZombiElvis is one of the bosses). Your goal is to help a genetically modified Panda warrior to clean up the world from the hoards of the undead. Can you survive?

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Product Description

The Walking Dead are coming and here is why “Panda vs Zombies” is an excellent choice for zombie game fans:

  • Cartoonish graphics. The game has weird cartoonish 3D characters (you’ll love The King as a zombie) that feed your shooting frenzy
  • Hours of fun. Over 100 action packed levels to enjoy fighting zombies for tens of hours in Story mode (with 4 other game modes as well)
  • Unique weapons. More than 10 different weapons to keep the adrenaline levels high
  • Unlimited powerups. Improve your Panda by equipping it with unlimited powerups that increase its speed, attack, strength and many other attributes
  • Fun audio. Lots of funny voices, cool sounds and of course Rock-and-Roll Baby!

It’s always a good time to kill zombies and “Panda vs Zombies” makes it easy to do so. You control it with 2 pads (left for movement, right for turning), pick up bonuses and use the coins to equip your Panda and strengthen it.
You can see it in action here:


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