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Ready for a brain-teasing trajectory game? If you’re nostalgic of Arcade games such as Pong, you’ll love Overmass. It requires dynamic flicking of the touchpad to keep the color onion from falling down. The trick is having to hit it while it’s in the dynamic score zone to increase your score.

It features an endless game mode that seamlessly advances from one phase to another. Your main goal is to score the highest possible score, not as easy to do given that there are various moving objects interacting with your touch pad (the dreadful Overmass keeper).

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Product Description

You can get a glimpse of the gameplay here:

Main features:

  • Unique gameplay. Overmass combines elements of ball games (i.e. squash) with mind-challenging games such as snooker to create a unique flick-centric gameplay that requires skill. Simple touch-flick-release controls make it ideal as a stress relieving game.
  • Unlimited levels. As you start playing, you’ll immerse from one level onto another without even realizing. The game has no end so in theory you could play it forever. Have fun while training your finger-eye coordination.
  • Score high. The main purpose of the game is to score as high as possible. You must flick the touch-pad towards the color onions (main game objects) in such a way that the collision occurs in the dynamic score zone. That’s when you receive bonus objects and increase your score.
  • Beware the overmass keeper. Obstructing you from reaching the highest possible score is the overmass keeper. That’s another object that obstructs your touchpad trajectory (penalizing you if it’s touched) and also trying to push the color onion out of play.