OpenInvest: Personal Investment App

OpenInvest: Personal Investment App

OpenInvest: Personal Investment App

iOS 9.0 +

OpenInvest helps you change the world while managing your investment portfolio. It’s your personal investment advisor that doesn’t have any hidden fees and relieves you of the need for a fund manager. Furthermore, OpenInvest is the world’s first investment app that gives you quick shareholder voting power for the companies you own stock in.

Product Description

With it you can also choose to invest only in companies that you share the same values with. Just select a couple of causes you want to support and OpenInvest will automatically balance your portfolio to include only those companies that have open policies about the social issues you care.

You also have direct portfolio management access and can invest or divest in companies with a simple swipe. Track your wealth evolution in real-time and see exactly what you own and how much you’re expected to grow, financially.

OpenInvest is recently available for iOS and you can see a quick overview of it here:

Main features:

  • Personalized investment advisor. OpenInvest is the first investment advisor app that balances your financial goals with your values. It’s the world’s first socially responsible investing app that lets you invest or divest with simple swipes. You can choose to invest in companies that support refugees or are LGBTQ friendly, invest in companies that value workplace equality or divest from companies that support Donald Trump for instance. The average return from OpenInvest’s portfolios was approximately 17% in 2016, one of the highest returns in the industry.
  • Bank level security. OpenInvest takes security very serious and it enforces bank level security. Its platforms, operations, and networks transmit data using the highest level of encryption available, 256-bit AES encryption. This prevents unauthorized use of your data.
  • Portfolio management. With OpenInvest you invest only in the companies that share the same values as you do in terms of social and global issues (climate change, LGBT rights, weapons, …). You can easily launch a comprehensive investment portfolio and track its performance, from individual to joint investment accounts, Traditional, ROTH, and SEP IRAs you can find the tool you need. Investing and Divesting in companies is as easy as a Tinder swipe. Your portfolio will rebalance to match the performance goals so you don’t sacrifice ROI when you take important investment decisions. Your dashboard will show the real-time evolution of your portfolio so that you can track your financial goals.
  • Automate investments. OpenInvest automates your portfolio management and guidance so that you only have to care about the overall finance goal – the app will do the rest. You will be able to monitor your portfolio’s performance in real-time and get full transparency into what you own.
  • Vote with a swipe. OpenInvest’s unique selling point is allowing shareholders to cast their proxy vote with a single swipe. Due to the process involved now, traditional proxy voting is very tedious and only a small percentage of shareholders participate. OpenInvest corrects that and allows you to vote in shareholder resolutions with a simple Tinder-like swipe. Do you want to vote for Exxon to be more proactive in climate change issues? Or other companies get better at combating discrimination? Casting your vote as a shareholder gives you the power to change something! OpenInvest will also alert you when companies you invest in have important events.
  • Simple Pricing. With OpenInvest there are no hidden fees and due to proprietary technology that makes the fund manager unnecessary fees are quite low. There is one single yearly fee of 0.5% of assets with no other expenses, transaction costs or anything extra. The minimum required investment is $3,000 to open an account with OpenInvest.

OpenInvest is available for free on iOS and will soon be followed by an Android version. You can keep track of its development via