Open Nettest

Android 4.0+


Co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility and already used by major telecom regulators throughout EU, Open Nettest is the de-facto standard for collecting, analyzing and visualizing network performance.

The Android app is only a piece of the platform, Open Nettest including a web-based client, mobile clients for other platforms, hardware probes, data portal and infrastructure.

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Product Description

Reliability is what separates Open Nettest from alternatives, as it uses test servers outside of the networks your ISP has. It won’t simply show you upload/download speed, but more than 40 different metrics that let you analyze thoroughly your network performance.

It also includes various graphs and a location-based heat map, as you can see in this quick demo:

Main Features:

  • Reliable network testing. Open Nettest is not yet-another speed testing app, it’s actually a platform (web, mobile, hardware) for collecting, processing & visualizing network data using test servers outside of the ISP’s network.
  • Network performance heat map. You can easily visualize network performance and quality on a location-based heat map. This way both end users and providers can check network performance, QOS and QOE.
  • Wide official support. Open Nettest is co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility and is already used by several national telecom regulators (i.e. RTR Austria, NKOM Norway, …).
  • Advanced net speed stats. With a simple tap you can analyze your network performance, upload/download speed, QOS and QOE showing more than 40 different parameters. See exactly if you get what you pay for.