Nini Book: Baby Diary

Nini Book: Baby Diary

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Nini Book: Baby Diary

Android 4.1+


Nini Book is a social sharing family app that helps you track your baby’s progress. It will record the most precious moments and stages of your baby’s development in a safe and easy way.

Furthermore, you decide whom to share this precious digital journal with and even order printed versions of photo books that you personalize.

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Product Description

From expecting or newly parents to uncles/aunts/grandparents and everyone else interested, Nini Book is the perfect choice to track those unique moments in the life of our little ones.

Main Features:

  • Track and Organize your Baby’s Progress. Capture the moments you treasure most and create a beautiful timeline in Nini Book. This will be a digital journal where you track progress and wonderful moments in the exciting life of your baby.
  • Create a Baby Photo Book. Capture the most important photos and create a memorable photo book of your baby growing up, with all the beautiful adventures and funny moments. You can add comments and use special templates to create a picturesque photo book.
  • Track Important Milestones. Nini Book has a special Milestone section where you can track your baby’s growth. Record your baby’s first tooth, the first steps, first words and birthdays or whatever you consider a precious moment worthy to be turned in a long lasting memory.
  • Share with Family. Nini Book lets you invite your family and friends to look at your personal baby journal and even contribute to it. Information is stored in a safe private social network, and you are in full control over who gets access to your little digital treasure.
  • Order a Printed Baby Book. You can create a personalized photo book with all those treasured memories and order printed copies of it. This will be the most beautiful present for loved ones, especially since each book can be individually personalized.