New Life Hacks

New Life Hacks
Android 4.0+


New Life Hacks is a simple app that tries to solve a complicated problem, increasing day-to-day productivity through various life hacks.

Do you have slow Internet access and not a clue on improving that? Or do you want to learn how to get a better car rental deal? Or how to be more productive with simple tools? These questions, and many more, are what New Life Hacks offers answers for.

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Product Description

Each life hack is neatly organized by category and you can easily read its content plus share it with your friends. Get 2 new life hacks weekly and stay updated on the latest tips.

Main Features:

  • Life hacks database. Every day we’re doing recurring tasks but ever thought that you could use some simple life hacks to do one of these tasks easier? With New Life Hacks you get access to many life hacking tips that help you be overall more productive. No matter how well you’ve optimized your daily routine, there’s always space for improvement.
  • Multiple categories. Currently the app has 5 different categories you can tap on to access specific life hacks: Food, Live Smart, Travel, Tech and DIY. From simple Excel hacks that help you organize better to simple diet hacks that help you give up bad habits, there’s always a new life hack to discover.
  • Weekly Updates. Want to stay updated when new content gets added to New Life Hacks? The best part is that you won’t need to do anything as the app will automatically pull in 2 new life hacks weekly.
  • Material-design style. New Life Hacks has a material-design style and is designed especially for making it easier to read its valuable articles. If you think it would help your friends, you can easily share it via its main menu. own comment. Each user has a profile page where you can get contact info and see their profile photo.

New Life Hacks is available for free on Google Play, so one tap away from accessing valuable life hacks.